Mei’s May Tai Contest .. Results!!

By halinaz

May 18, 2010

Category: Announcement


Drum roll please … !!

I am happy to announce the lucky winner of our very first contest/giveaway..  so here goes..

The Grand Prize @ the future owner of Custom Mei’s Mei Tai goes to

Ms. Farrah Rahim

with her creatively design

Hummingbird In Spring (which will be reveal later :))

And her winning slogan :

I should be the lucky winner of Mei’s Baby Carrier because it will be my very first Malaysian made mei tai and I have designed it in a such a way to compete with other imported MTs with great names. I want to prove that Mei’s Baby Carrier can be as good as, if not better than, those imported MTs. So good that we won’t even need to look further for great MTs anymore!

And the runner ups of the Mei’s May Tay contest are ..

Ms. PhaTTyM with her Mei tai design named 1Love

With her slogan:

I should be the lucky winner as I am a retired shopaholic who is now a jobless SAHM on a super tight budget, who could only kept on dreaming while browsing Mei’s Mei Tai on the net. Winning Mei’s Mei Tai would definitely make me jumping over the moon!


Ms. Sharifah Zarihan with her Mei tai named Aya’s Mei Tai

With her slogan:

this is my very first time trying MT and i so falling on love with it…and i wish i could have my first MT custom for me 🙂

with MT i can breastfeed Sofeya discreetly…and i cannot do this (yet) in any other carrier…just look at the pics below….so discreet kan hehe

after tying MT, i feel like i look slimmer than always lol…

with Mei’s MT i can simply do backcarry Sofeya without any help from hubby…soo simple!

Congratulations to winners, I shall be contacting you via email / FB very soon 😀

Thank you all for participating..! Thank you for your support…!

I received so many lovely & creatively designed Mei tai. Trust me, it wasn’t easy choosing the winner.

How I wish I can make all you dream Mei’s Mei tai come true ..

Therefore, as an appreciation to all that participated… we are happy to present you with a 20% discount voucher on your next item (instock or custom) purchased from us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Again, congratulations to all the winners..!!


Mei @ Mei’s Baby Carrier/Mei tai


3 Responses to “Mei’s May Tai Contest .. Results!!”

  1. Wow I won!!! So so so excited!!! Can’t wait to brainstorm together! Thanks Mei’s Mei Tai!!!

  2. oh takde rezeki me and baby..but congrats to all winners!!!:)

  3. catlina, u still get the 20% disc voucher.. 🙂 thanks for participating

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