Event update: Qaisara Tea Party

Alhamdulillah, the event marked as our very first Mei’s Babywearing talk/demo. We had a wonderful time, thanks to Qaisara Spa owner Kak Yati 🙂 (thank you!) and also Juliah, from Blucotton (our lovely biz partner) for inviting us to be part of the event.

Our guests had the chance to try out our range of ring slings, mei tais and also our very first full buckle mei tai. A brief introduction on types of baby carriers  and also demo on wearing each type of carriers were given too.

We are happy that some parents who are new to the babywearing have shown their interest on our product 🙂

Here are some photos to share!

psst.. we shall be annoucing the lucky draw winner tomorrow (6 April 2010). If you had purchase any of our (Mei’s Baby Carrier, Blucotton or Qaisara Spa’s) product on the event day, you’ve got the chance to win a mystery gift worth RM500!


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