Update on Mei’s Mei Tai & Ring Slings too :)

Hey there! its February already..

update on the Mei’s Mei Tai tester. 4 testers are out on testing. Here are some of the photos:

while waiting for their feedbacks (some are already available, click here), we’ve made Ring Slings too 🙂 (pst, more colors to come)

link to 2010 Ring Sling

We will be finalizing our Mei Tai designs by end of February. Some of the changes to the current design are:

  • shorter shoulder strap
  • lighter waist padding
  • pocket for hood
  • body/panel cincher just above the leg padding
  • waist strap width reduced to 3.5 ~ 4″  (currently 4.5″)
  • 1/2 buckle mei tai will use buckles from Rei.com

We’ve open a discussion board on our Mei’s Baby Carrier Fan book.. we would love to hear any suggestion from you 🙂

Plus, if you would like to be our reseller, do feel free to email us.


Halina Zairi


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