Update on Mei’s Mei Tai ver.2


thanks for visiting Mei’s Mei Tai.

Our version 2, is in the midst of testing. The first tester Mei Tai is with our very first tester. Eagerly waiting for her feedback. Some of her feedback during our meeting was ;

1. the cincher position is a bit high for it to serve its purpose – to fit babies (smaller body)

2. waist padding ( bulky – to reduce its thickness)

As for my self, after i tried it on with my son ( Idrees who is going to be 3 this July) the body is a bit short. Forgotten that he’d grown so tall since the last time I’d carried him (was like a year ago??). Maybe the body suits newborn-babies better.

So, just to fill my weekend (besides attending the Ratu Hati gathering & taking the kids to KLCC yesterday), I made another tester to fit my toddler and walaa..

I love the body. . and how it fits a soon to be 3 year old, 15 kg boy.

Some of the features:

1 – 21″ tall for the body

2 – leg padding

3 – remove a bit of the waist padding

4 – velcro pocket for sleep hood

5 – narrower waist strap to fit in buckle;

(to convert the mei tai into half buckle Mei Tai)

6 – still adjusting the cincher position.. hmm

7 – shoulder strap lenght (really need help on this)

I’ll post a pic of the 2nd tester.. which btw, its blazing red in color !

note: Mei’s Mei Tai V.2 tester units are currently available to Malaysian Babywearers Forum members only.

However, if you wish to become our Mei Tai v.2 testers, feel free to email me.. (terms & conditions applies)


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