Front carry instruction

1. tie the 2 short strap around your waist. tie a double knot, securely.

(mei tai is worn non apron style, fabric facing out)

2. pick your lil one up.

3. While one hand holding your child, another hand placing the longer strap over your shoulder.

4. One hand still holding your baby, another hand pulls the longer strap from behind thightly. Bounce a few times to get the baby in its best position.

5. Once thight enough, you may let go the hand holding your child (But do not let go of the strap!). Cross the strap to get an “X” on your back

6. Bring the strap back to your front.

7. Make another “X” on your front at your childs bum. Put straps under your childs leg.

8. Tie the straps on your back securely.

9. You may take your childs hands out, or just let them in. You are done!

Another option: the Lexi twist. Criss-crossed the strap.

Another option: just tie a simple bow (but secure) under your childs bum.


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