Back carry instruction

1. put your hands (criss-crossed would be easier) under your child’s arm

2. Toss your child over to your back (remember, for the first time, please try with toy baby/teddy & when you are trying with your baby, be near a bed or sofa).

3. pull up the straps.

4. put the straps over your shoulder.

5. Bring back the straps to the back, under your arms.

6. You may do a lexi twist, or just a simple knot.

7. Bring the straps back to the front from underneath your childs leg.

8. Tie the straps securely at your waist.

9. Off you go!


Putting your child (toddler) down

1. Loosen the straps

2. Each hand holding on each strap

3. Find a spot to land your child, a sit, sofa or on the ground. Slowly let you child down.


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